I’ve mentioned before that I listen to Gretchen Rubin’s podcast: “Happier.”  A few episodes ago, she talked about habit pairing (not to be confused with rewards.)  Her sister, Elizabeth, mentioned that she pairs watching Real Housewives with running on the treadmill. I’m not a big Real Housewives person, but I do love to binge watch Criminal Minds or Blue Bloods in the evenings when there are mini marathons on Ion Televison.

Option 1: Copying Elizabeth’s idea, I’ve adopted a treadmill workout while I watch these shows.  During the show, I just walk at a medium pace (mostly because I want to be able to focus on the show and hear it and the treadmill is louder when it goes faster).  During commercial breaks, I like to alternate between a fast walk and a sprint pace, doing one pace for the duration of one commercial then switching. It really works for any show you want to watch.

Option 2: Of course, there are also custom show-based workouts that can be found online, such as:


…..{sniffles, wipes tears from eyes at the thought of the recent casting shakeups (no more Morgan or Hotch…though I’m super excited at the news today that Paget Brewster is back as a series regular) }  I did actually try one of these workouts, but I didn’t really like it because at the end of every episode I was so busy with the situps and crunches, I missed how it all played out.  I ended up switching out the exercises a little to allow me to continue paying attention to the show.  There seems to be a lot of similar workouts for other shows popping up, only a quick google search away.

I like to alternate between cardio and strength training, so I try to incorportate a healthy mix of both options, and also mix in various other workouts.  I get bored easily with just that same type of workout over an over.