In case you haven’t heard, Diane Sanfilippo and Cassy Joy Garcia are currently on their book tour together.

I also bought Juli Bauer’s latest book in addition to buying Practical Paleo, 2nd edition in hardcover format, only partially out of guilt for buying Cassy’s book on Amazon pre-order before the event instead of waiting the extra month or so to just buy it at the store and support the store.

So, now I have three new books to add to my paleo book collection and many, many more recipes to play with. Obviously, since I just got these books very recently I haven’t had time to cook my way through them yet, but I just wanted to share a little info on each of them that I am most excited about.

  1. Cassy Joy Garcia’s Fed and Fit: This book is about 1/3 food science and explanation of the 28-day Fed and Fit plan , slightly over 1/3 cookbook, and the remaining 1/3 is step-by-step guides to the exercises, because as the name implies, this is not just a plan for food, but also for fitness.  The other really cool feature of this book is the companion Fed and Fit app. The app gives you a journal to keep track of your progress or notes if you are doing the 28-day plan, a “search by ingredient” feature that lets you quickly find something to make from the book with what you already might have on hand, and a QR code scanner that scans the QR codes in the book and immediately creates a shopping list for a particular recipe.
  2. Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook:  Juli Bauer helped Cassy Joy with the exercise part of the project, but she also has some of her own great recipes on her blog. Honestly, aside from the aforementioned guilt motivation, a single recipe in this book was motivation enough for me to buy this book.  Which recipe is that? The Moo Shu Pork.  I haven’t made it yet, but that is probably the recipe I am most eager to make, thought they all look pretty delicious.
  3. Practical Paleo, 2nd Edition.  I don’t personally own the 1st edition, but I basically hijacked my mom’s copy for months at a time.  Now I finally have my own copy in this beautiful, hardcover and redesigned version.  I’m a big fan of the changes she made so far.  For those not familiar with either edition, it is part cookbook,  part food nerd’s paradise. As a scientist, I especially like that she lists her sources, so that if I have a thirst to dive even deeper I have a starting off point. For this book, I think the recipe I am most eager to make is probably the meatloaf.  I think I’ve been excited for this recipe since Diane mentioned it in episode #249 of her Balance Bites Podcast back in June.