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About Me

Hello! and welcome to my blog. I’m a cookbook, cooking magazine, kitchen gadget, and Pinterest pin hoarder, so my hope is that this blog can serve as a centralized collection of the recipes I actually make and like, and I may also discuss various other health related topics here as well.

I’m as scientist by day, and a food lover 24/7.  Though my current job has very little to do with nutrition there are a few tidbits of information that tend to sneak in here and there.  Also, my job gives me lots of access to PubMed, so I can stay “in the know” on nutritional research, even if I’m not currently doing the research myself.

The general idea of eating as little processed foods as possible has always appealed to me.  I’m not coming into this with any specific medical conditions or weight loss goals.  I just feel that I’m mostly there anyway, so why not take the plunge and try to get into my best health possible.  With that in mind, I need to add the caveat that my blog is called PRINCIPALLY paleo; NOT 100%PERFECTLY paleo; also NOT paleo PURIST.  Some of the foods I post about may have some non- paleo ingredients in them.  Perfectionism isn’t my goal here….and if you want to take dairy away from me, you’ll have to pry the block of cheese and bottle of non-homogenized, whole-fat milk from my cold, dead hands.


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